SC17 Birds of a Feather (BOF): presentation slides available

Thanks to everyone who presented at, and attended, the BOF! We were pleased to get almost 50 people in the room.

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here Wednesday, November 15th 5:15pm - 7pm, Rooms 501-502
Steve Poole
Sameer Shende
Sandia OpenSHMEM (Intel)
Jim Dinan/Sean Hefty
OpenSHMEM and OFI: Better Together
OSSS/Stony Brook University
Tony Curtis
The Reference Implementation on top of UCX
Los Alamos National Lab
Howard Pritchard
Progress on a verification and validation test suite for OpenSHMEM
Richard Graham
Pavel Shamis
Rice University
Max Grossman
HOOVER: Distributed, Dynamic Graph Modeling and Analysis on OpenSHMEM
Sreeram Potluri
NVSHMEM: OpenSHMEM for GPU-centric Communication
Oak Ridge National Lab
Manjunath Venkata
Overview of OpenSHMEM Activities @ ORNL
Argonne National Lab
Min Si/Pavan Balaji
OpenSHMEM over portable MPI RMA with asynchronous progress support

Open Community Discussion
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