Scalable Integer Sort Application

ISx is a new scalable integer sort application designed for co-design in the exascale era, scalable to large numbers of nodes.

Initial Release of NAS Parallel Benchmarks for OpenSHMEM

The latest versions of the NPBs are @ Github

This is an initial release of the NAS Parallel Benchmarks. Currently
not all the benchmarks are represented but we plan to do this
in the future.

Version 1.0a

Release Notes:

  • based on the MPI implementation of NPB 3.2
    • Fortran: BT, EP, MG, SP
    • C: IS
  • separate directories for the C and Fortran versions
  • easily configurable to use various OpenSHMEM implementations using the samples provided in
    • config/NAS.samples/make.def.{uhosh,sgi,cray}

OpenSHMEM NAS Parallel Benchmarks 1.0a
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